‘Survivor: Millennials vs. Gen X’ Results: A Cyclone Evacuation And Votes All Over the Place!

The season premiere of Survivor: Millennials vs. Gen X was total chaos. Not only did we get an unprecedented evacuation as the result of a cyclone, we had a tribal council that featured four separate people getting votes!

Of course, the premiere itself was kind of bland in-between moments of chaos. I know the hook for the season is age-related tribalism, but it got kind of tiresome after the fourth or fifth confessional about how millennials play video games all-day and never worked in their lives, or how Gen Xers are old and lack basic understanding of how to live in the current age. Thankfully, once alliances started to form on the individual tribes, the episode really started to pick up. Among the standouts were Zeke, the 28-year-old, Tommy Bahama shirt-wearing millennial who refuses to see himself as a millennial; Mari, the professional gamer who steps up as the de facto mom of the tribe; and David, the Gen Xer who’s basically afraid of everything, especially water.

Sure enough, the Millennials win immunity, leaving the Gen X tribe to debate on whom to eliminate: David, who’s overplayed his hand by searching for a hidden immunity idol instead of helping to rebuild the shelter following the cyclone; or Rachel, who’s so overeager that it’s seen as off-putting by her tribemates. Ultimately, we get a tribal council in which the vote is split, 5-3-1-1, with even youth pastor Sunday and insurance adjuster CeCe receiving votes! But who went home? Check out the results below:

'Survivor: Millennials vs. Gen X' Results: A Cyclone Evacuation And Votes All Over the Place!

Source: YouTube

Final Vote Tally:

Rachel: 5 votes
CeCe: 3 votes
Sunday: 1 vote
David: 1 vote


I feel as though keeping David around might come back to bite this tribe, but it’s not too early for David to turn his game around.

What do you think about these results though? Sound off in the comments!

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