‘Survivor: Millennials vs. Gen X’ Episode 5 Results: Tribe Swap Ends In Blindside

Survivor: Millennials vs. Gen X delivered our first tribe swap of the season, but with a major twist: instead of swapping to two tribes, this group of sixteen separated into three tribes!

Naturally, with sixteen competitors left, one tribe would have one extra person. This third tribe was sent to a new beach to rebuild, with no food and no shelter. Michaela, who landed on this tribe, was furious about it, to say the least. But she proved to be the MVP of the episode, not only producing fire for her tribe after everyone else had failed, but also delivering one of the most impressive individual performances in a group challenge in Survivor history. However, the former Millennials tribe ended up on the losing end of the immunity challenge, as Chris, CeCe, Zeke, Michelle, and David (who found a SECOND hidden immunity idol at the old Gen X tribe!) headed to tribal council. The plan was for Chris and David to pair with Zeke and Michelle to vote out CeCe, but CeCe threw a wrench into the works by telling David that Michelle was looking to vote him out. Who ended up getting voted out? Check out the results below:

'Survivor: Millennials vs. Gen X' Episode 5 Results: Tribe Swap Ends In Blindside

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Jeff Probst reads the votes…



In her exit interview, CeCe states she feels blindsided, and believes her fellow former Gen Xers made a huge mistake in voting her out — a mistake that will cost them the game. I don’t know about that, but CeCe does end on inspirational words, stating that she believes her kids will be proud of how far she came. Hell, I’d be proud to last that long, even if I didn’t make the merge, especially considering I’m almost as bad as David at most physical challenge activities.

With all that having been said, I think it’s potentially dangerous to have left Michelle in the game, because she seems like one of those keen, subtle social threats, sort of like last season’s winner, Michele Fitzgerald. Except I think this Michelle could potentially have more strategic acumen, as evidenced by how she muscled Hannah into helping vote out Mari. Then again, she’s been my stealth pick to win since the beginning, so I might be showing a bit of bias that’s preventing me from being objective here.

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