‘Survivor: Millennials vs. Gen X’ Episode 12 Results: Hidden Immunity Idol Changes Outcome

Tonight’s Survivor: Millennials vs. Gen X followed up last week’s shocking episode, which featured a double elimination that culminated in a rock draw! But who went home this week?

The result this week ultimately came down to Will, who made a big point about wanting to build his “resume” for the game, noting how sick he is of people not taking him seriously as a contender in the game. This came after Will continued to be ignored in the build-up to tribal council. Ken and Will clashed after Will told him that Jay planned on voting him out. Needless to say, Will was furious that Ken went running to Jay, which threw a wrench into his plans to blindside Zeke, since his emotions dictated that Ken needed to be the one to go. But would Will make the logical decision or the emotional one this week? What would Will’s Survivor resume look like by the end of tribal council? This is without even getting into how Adam began to shape his resume for the endgame, giving away his reward advantage, and having an emotional reunion with his brother, who updated him on their cancer-stricken mother’s status. Adam would then go on to win individual immunity AND play his hidden immunity idol for another player! Basically, there are multiple people who are in it to win it this season, and the overall level of play hhas been increasing throughout the game.

But who went home this week? Get the results below:

'Survivor: Millennials vs. Gen X' Episode 12 Results: Hidden Immunity Idol Changes Outcome

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Prior to the vote, Adam hears Hannah worrying that it’s going to be her, since she was one of the safety-vote options in the event David found an idol and played it for Ken. Adam couldn’t allow this, so…

ADAM plays his hidden immunity idol for Hannah!

Needless to say, people are positively stunned that Adam had an idol this whole time. Amusingly, he had it hidden in his crotch the whole time, since there was nowhere else to keep it. So with the crotch idol having been played, Jeff Probst reads the votes…

HANNAH (doesn’t count)
HANNAH (doesn’t count)
HANNAH (doesn’t count)
HANNAH (doesn’t count)

ZEKE is voted out of Survivor: Millennials vs. Gen X!

In his exit interview, Zeke admitted he might have gone after David’s alliance too early. But he didn’t come here to play it safe, he came to throw punches. He adds that playing with people at this level made him want to play better, and he hopes he’ll get the chance to do so again.

Ultimately, I think this was the right call. Zeke was just too dangerous to be left in the game. Could you imagine if he won a reward and managed to get a clue to a hidden immunity idol? Also, in terms of resumes, I think Zeke had one of the strongest ones out there, to the point where he’d have had a hell of a case at Final Tribal Council. It’s better to strike while the iron is hot than to play it safe and hope another opportunity will present itself down the line. Zeke had to go, and now was as good a time as any.

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