Survivor 33 Theme Officially Revealed: Get Ready for ‘Survivor: Milennials vs. Gen X’ (VIDEO)

Survivor host Jeff Probst has revealed the new title and twist for Season 33: Survivor: Millennials vs. Gen X!

Set to film in what Probst calls one of his favorite locations in Fiji, the theme of the season is right there in the title: it’s Millennials vs. Gen X! And judging by the preview video, there’s a lot of baggage attached to being a part of either group! The Gen X tribe feels like everything is being handed to the young folk, who don’t appreciate the value of hard work. Meanwhile, the Millennials feel like the Gen Xers don’t understand the difficulty of the world they live in, and how the old way of doing things no longer works (it really isn’t as simple as just going out there and getting a career). It looks like these conflicts are going to come to a head in what’s sure to be an explosive season. You can watch the official reveal video below:

'Survivor Milennials vs. Gen X' Revealed! (VIDEO)

Credit: CBS

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