‘Survivor: Kaoh Rong’: Deleted Scenes for Episode 6 (VIDEO)

The deleted scenes are here for Survivor: Kaoh Rong Episode 6, where a major voting flip occurred at a tense tribal council!

Naturally, some alliances developed, as Debbie continues to play an outstanding game, checking in with everyone and making certain all possibilities are open to her with her alliances (whether she wants to team with Nick and Michelle, Jason and Cydney, stick with Neal, or form an all-female alliance). However, things aren’t so great for some of the other alliances in this game, as Scot and Tai seem uncertain about whether or not they want to keep Julia around, while Joe and Aubry struggle with their decision to trust Peter or cut him loose. It all built up to an exciting tribal council, with plans being changed on the fly with whisper-conversations. This was just crazy stuff, and definitely top-tier Survivor. I’m kind of shocked at how quickly this entire season has turned around, since I genuinely have no idea where this is headed any longer. Any alliance could end up taking control from here!

'Survivor Kaoh Rong' Deleted Scenes for Episode 6 (VIDEO)

But what didn’t we see in Episode 6? We have secret scenes, deleted confessionals, challenge videos, tribal council clips with full voting recaps, a chat with the eliminated castaway the day after tribal council, and more! Watch the videos below:

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