‘Survivor: Kaoh Rong’: Deleted Scenes for Episode 5 (VIDEO)

The deleted scenes are here for Survivor: Kaoh Rong Episode 5, which saw some major changes come to the game!

Yes, this week was the anticipated tribe swap, as the three tribes became two…with one big exception. With an uneven number of 13 castaways, one person would end up having to spend the next cycle all alone on Brawn beach. On the one hand, that person would be left entirely alone for three long days. But, on the other hand, that person would be immune from elimination, joining the losing tribe at the next reward challenge. Ultimately, Julia was the person who suffered from the luck of the draw, resulting in a harrowing depiction of her brief time alone. And yet, while Julia was suffering, there was serious scheming going on at the other two tribes, as we saw new alliances form, old alliances fall apart, and one castaway get totally blindsided at an intriguing tribal council.

'Survivor Kaoh Rong' Deleted Scenes for Episode 5 (VIDEO)

But what didn’t we see in Episode 5? We have secret scenes, deleted confessionals, challenge videos, tribal council clips with full voting recaps, and more! Watch the videos below:

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