‘Survivor: Kaoh Rong’: Deleted Scenes for Episode 3 (VIDEO)

The deleted scenes are here for the third episode of Survivor: Kaoh Rong, as we find out what happens when two idols get discovered at two separate camps in a single episode!

This was a tough episode, in some respects. On the one hand, it had the triumphant moment in which the Brawn tribe finally broke its streak of poor challenge performances, coming in second place and earning immunity and emotional items (the Beauty tribe finished first, earning immunity and comfort items). On the other hand, it led to the Brains heading to tribal council, resulting in the ouster of one of my early picks to win this game. Granted, you could kind of see the result coming, considering the amount of hubris the presumed leader of the Brains tribe was showing — an attitude that proved detrimental to his main ally. All in all, this was kind of a crazy episode, with yet another voting tie, and a second consecutive week of self-destruction at tribal council.

'Survivor Kaoh Rong' Deleted Scenes for Episode 3 (VIDEO)

But what didn’t we see in Episode 3? Which castaway is missing home? And how are the hidden immunity idol recipients dealing with their newfound fortune? We have secret scenes, deleted confessionals, challenge videos, tribal council clips with full voting recaps, and more! Watch the videos below:

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