Survivor: Cambodia - What Happened To Terry Deitz Son Danny? (VIDEO)

"Survivor: Cambodia" Episode 6 opened with Jeff Probst visiting the Ta Keo tribe to talk to Terry Deitz in the middle of the night.

"I just got a phone call from your wife, and your son, Danny, he’s in the hospital," Probst said. "Both your wife and the doctor think that it’s serious enough that you should go home to be involved."

Terry of course made the decision to choose family first before a reality TV show.

Reality Blurred explained that it was discovered that Danny had an enlarged heart and needed a heart transplant. More details are at the Hartford Courant. Unfortunately, Terry was contractually obligated not to talk about this during that time since it had "logistical" implications to the show.

Back in July, Terry wrote on his Facebook:

Here's to our son Danny and to all the friends and family who prayed for him. Although it was not the outcome we were hoping for, Danny will be one of the privileged few to be put on the heart transplant list. As with everything he has done so far in life, he will handle this with grace...courage...and honor. We are so proud to be his parents. DANNY STRONG


At the end of tonight's show, Terry finally explained what happened... and Danny got a transplant! YES! I AM SO HAPPY. Crying right now.

What Happened To Terry Deitz Son Danny

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