‘Survivor: Cambodia – Second Chance’ Deleted Scenes for Episodes 13 (VIDEO)

We’re heading into the finale for Survivor: Cambodia – Second Chance, as we’re now down to our final six castaways. But getting there was suitably dramatic, as this week’s episode featured some surprising alliances and an even more stunning tribal council vote. It was one of the more intense episodes of the season, and for more reasons than just that tribal council.

For one, we got a genuinely scary moment during the immunity challenge when Tasha nearly sank under the water due to exhaustion, prompting the Survivor rescue team to come out and save a contestant for the first time in series history. And to make matters worse for Tasha, she became a target for this week’s vote, with the tribe split down the middle on whether to blindside Tasha or to finally remove Abi from the game. And at the middle of the two alliances was Spencer, who was faced with a potential million dollar decision: side with Wentworth, Keith and Abi, or stick with Jeremy, Tasha and Kimmi. It all resulted in a nail-biter of a tribal council, with Spencer making what was ultimately proven to be the right choice, considering how the votes ended up going.

'Survivor Cambodia - Second Chance' Deleted Scenes for Episodes 13 (VIDEO)

This week’s deleted scenes shed light on the thought processes of the remaining castaways with secret scenes, deleted confessionals, a full voting recap, an interview with the eliminated castaways on the day after elimination, and Ponderosa videos, showing what the jury is up to after being voted out. Watch the videos below:

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