‘Survivor: Cambodia – Second Chance’ Deleted Scenes for Episode 9 (VIDEO)

This week’s episode of Survivor: Cambodia – Second Chance was another harrowing illustration of the unique way in which the game is being played this season. Instead of alliances dominating the game, the season is characterized by just-for-now voting blocs that result in some players being left out of the vote by their presumptive allies, while others who assumed they were safe find themselves getting their torch snuffed early!

The happened this week for someone who had become a floater between the Bayon and Ta Keo alliances. Of course, I say “alliances”, but it’s hard to know who’s really teaming with whom, since Stephen took Jeremy and Spencer aside and argued that they were on the bottom, and that they needed to jettison the alliance they’d had previously in favor of working with the “Witches Coven” of Ciera, Abi-Maria and Kelley Wentworth. It resulted in some wild gameplay, and a tribal council that, while inevitable, was still tremendously compelling.

'Survivor Cambodia - Second Chance' Deleted Scenes for Episode 9 (VIDEO)

This week’s deleted scenes shed light on the thought processes of the remaining castaways with secret scenes, deleted confessionals, a full voting recap, an interview with the eliminated castaway on the day after elimination, and Ponderosa videos, showing what the jury is up to after being voted out. Watch the videos below:

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