‘Survivor: Cambodia – Second Chance’ Deleted Scenes for Episode 8 (VIDEO)

This week’s episode of Survivor: Cambodia – Second Chance was easily the best of the entire season, featuring a tribal council that instantly ranks among the most epic in the history of the game! The Bayon alliance targeted the alliance of Kelley Wentworth, Ciera, and Abi-Maria, and it seemed like a foregone conclusion, since Bayon had the overwhelming numbers. But, in a colossal mistake, Bayon doesn’t split the vote, leading to one of the most shocking blindsides of all-time!

Of course, part of why this episode worked so well was due to the superb work by the editors, as the episode was edited in such a way as to keep the identity of the real target under wraps. Some previous episodes have made it fairly obvious who was going home, but not so much here. It was hard to know just who would be leaving until the final vote was read, and the person’s torch was snuffed. This was top-tier Survivor, not only from a gameplay standpoint, but from an entertainment and structural standpoint as well. I loved every freaking moment of this.

'Survivor Cambodia - Second Chance' Deleted Scenes for Episode 8 (VIDEO)

Credit: CBS

Naturally, this week’s deleted scenes shed light on the thought processes of the remaining castaways, such as why Bayon chose not to split the vote, and how Joe is actually playing both alliances right now. It’s awesome stuff, with secret scenes, deleted confessionals, a full voting recap, an interview with the eliminated castaway on the day after elimination, and Ponderosa videos, showing what the jury is up to after being voted out. Watch the videos below:

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