‘Survivor: Cambodia – Second Chance’ Deleted Scenes for Episode 7 (VIDEO)

The merge is here on Survivor: Cambodia – Second Chance, and there were plenty of fireworks to go along with it! Not only was this the biggest merge in Survivor history, with a massive THIRTEEN castaways coming together, the episode also featured some of the most puzzling behind-the-scenes scheming of the season so far.

Wednesday night’s episode had some strange voting results among the alliances, as Kelley Wentworth appeared to deviate from the plan to vote against Tasha by voting for her own ally, Kass. Meanwhile, Ciera also went against the planned Tasha vote and instead threw a lone vote at Savage. In fact, Abi-Maria, of all people, was the only person who stuck with Kass on this vote. Ultimately, we’re left with Chaos Kass going home in a vote that folded against her. But why did things pan out the way they did? Was there anything Kass could have done to change her fate?

'Survivor Cambodia - Second Chance' Deleted Scenes for Episode 7 (VIDEO)

This week’s deleted scenes explore the thought processes of the remaining castaways, with secret scenes, deleted confessionals, challenge videos, a full voting recap, an interview with the eliminated castaway on the day after elimination, and Ponderosa videos, showing what the jury is up to after being voted out. Watch the videos below:

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