Survivor 32 Winner Results: Who Won ‘Survivor: Kaoh Rong’? – 05/18/2016

Who won Survivor: Kaoh Rong? The winner of Survivor 32 is revealed tonight in the dramatic 2-hour season finale on Wednesday, May 18, 2016.

Welcome to the live blog and recap for the Survivor: Kaoh Rong – Brains vs. Brawn vs. Beauty II finale, “Not Going Down Without a Fight”! Tonight, we declare a winner for Season 32, as it all comes down to Cydney Gillon, Aubry Bracco, Michele Fitzgerald, and Tai Trang! There are no more immunity idols left in the game, and it’s looking like we might be headed for a final two rather than a final three! How will tonight’s finale play out? Who will be declared the winner and Sole Survivor?

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Survivor 32 Winner Results Who Won ‘Survivor Kaoh Rong’ - 05182016

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Let’s get this show on the road!


8:00 PM: Jeff Probst welcomes us to the finale live from CBS Studios, before throwing to the actual episode. It opens with Tai the morning after Joe’s evacuation, chilling out with Mark the Chicken on the beach. He laments the loss of his idol and his sudden vulnerability, worrying that he might not make it to the finals. “I cannot afford that,” he says. Later that morning, Aubry is similarly distressed, stating that every time Probst arrives on the beach, she loses one of her closest allies. Tai proposes getting close to Cydney with the hopes of pulling her in on a final three deal. Aubry agrees, stating Michele is too big of a social threat to be allowed to advance, since she hasn’t made any enemies on the jury, and has had the strongest social game out of the remaining four. I don’t really disagree with her there. Michele has been playing a splendid under-the-radar game, as every move has essentially left her with bloodless hands.

For Michele’s part, she’s worried about losing at the next immunity challenge, saying that she’s pretty much screwed if Tai wins, particularly since Aubry wants to go to the end with Cydney. Cydney just wants to make final three and take it from there, and from this, we can likely assume that the contestants know it’s a final two rather than a final three, unlike the finalists in Survivor: Micronesia.

Aubry wins final four reward

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8:09 PM: This is a race in which each castaway must collect tiles and work their way through the various obstacles, which include a see-saw balance beam, and a shuffleboard-type chute in which each castaways must slide his or her tiles from one end of the table to the other. At the end of the obstacle, they must figure out the correct order for the tiles, which will leave three that don’t fit into the puzzle. Those three tiles create a combination that can be used to unlock a box that will raise a flag declaring the winner. Naturally, the reward will be a HUGE boost for the immunity challenge: a complete meal aimed at refueling mind, body and soul, from steak to veggies and even a protein bar. Hopefully, they go the Colby Donaldson route and eat only the bar, rather than the Joe route by filling up their plate.

So Cydney initially has a pretty big lead in the challenge, but she struggles to get her tiles across the balance beam, which gives Aubry the opportunity to take a commanding lead. She starts trying to solve the puzzle, but runs into difficulties at every turn, allowing Cydney to catch up. It’s neck-and-neck as Michele and Tai both catch up. It leads to a photo finish, as Tai, Cydney and Aubry all try to unlock their box at the same time. It’s a no-go for Tai, and a no-go for Cydney. But Aubry’s combination is correct!

AUBRY wins the Reward Challenge!

Aubry is proud to have won her first individual challenge. However, Probst notes there’s a catch: Aubry can take along one other person, but she doesn’t have to. She must weigh the options, since she could alienate her fellow tribemates if she doesn’t take anyone/takes the wrong person, but she could also end up providing fuel for another person at the next immunity challenge. Ultimately, Aubry chooses to take Cydney, rationalizing (in a confessional) that her alliance is going to need all the help they can get if they’re going to defeat Michele at the next immunity challenge. In that sense, it’s a solid approach, although I think it makes more sense to take someone who’s proved himself in multiple challenges in the past like Tai. I really think he’d have the best chance of defeating Michele. Then again, Michele can be safe in the knowledge that Tai probably won’t work with Michele while they’re away, whereas I’m not sure she can say the same about Cydney. It’s best to keep her biggest non-Michele competitor close by her side. And yet, I wonder if Tai will be resentful about Aubry passing him over for another consecutive reward. If Michele wins immunity and then makes the argument to Tai that Aubry plans on taking Cydney to the end, we could find ourselves with a tie vote and a firemaking challenge.

Cydney and Michele team up in final four

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8:20 PM: Cydney is thrilled to be on the reward with Aubry, saying that they’ve been on multiple rewards together, which further solidifies their bond. Cydney states her ideal option is to go forward with Aubry and Tai. However, her secondary option is to advance with Aubry and Michele, which is interesting because it indicates she sees Tai as a bigger threat than Michele, which I’m not sure is the wisest approach. Case in point, Michele does a great job working Tai over, noting that one of their heads is on the chopping block at the next immunity challenge. A blindside could be in order, which is why Tai declares his intention to do absolutely everything in his power to win this next immunity challenge. Naturally, that’s easier said than done, since he’s up against three competitors with considerable challenge acumen. That said, none of the remaining castaways have won more individual challenges than Tai, if I recall correctly. So it should be an interesting challenge, if nothing else.


8:25 PM: We’re near the end of the game, so naturally, we’re getting the “build a puzzle at the top of a very large set of stairs” challenge. More specifically, the challenge involves retrieving keys from a platform in the water to release a set of stairs leading up to the next level of the course. The next key unlocks a rope ladder, and so on and so forth until they get to the top of the course. Naturally, it’s an exhausting challenge since they need to race back and forth between the course and the water platform. Once all keys have been retrieved, they must run back and retrieve a bag of puzzle pieces from the platform. At the top, they must build a three-level, coliseum-esque puzzle to win immunity for a guaranteed spot in the final three.

Aubry absolutely dominates the challenge, retrieving all her keys first and pushing through the pain and exhaustion. This isn’t to say no one else is pushing through, but Aubry doesn’t even seem to be showing signs of exhaustion. By the time all contestants are at the top level, Aubry is the only one who doesn’t look ready to pass out. With that said, it remains a fairly close challenge once we’re at the puzzle stage, as Aubry’s lead lessens considerably. It’s a bit like the reward challenge, in that respect, as Aubry is absolutely stumped and completely unsure of what she did wrong. Ultimately, Tai takes an enormous lead, but Michele suddenly comes alive and starts catching up with him. Before long, Michele is right there at the third and final level of the puzzle, neck-and-neck with Tai. Cydney and Aubry, meanwhile, have completely fallen out of the challenge. Tai keeps a steady pace and works on the final pieces of the puzzle, but it’s too late. Michele is finished with the puzzle.

MICHELE wins Individual Immunity!

Michele wins final four immunity

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Michele knocks her tower over in a moment of triumph, and struggles to hold back the tears, as Probst declares it a come-from-behind victory no one saw coming. In a confessional, Cydney states that Michele would have been the easy vote, but that’s out the window now. So Cydney resolves to cozy up to Michele in order to make sure she doesn’t end up going home. I have no loving idea who the target will be, but common sense would say Tai gets the boot. Then again, I feel like he’s burned more bridges on the jury than Cydney, and they’ll need him around as an obstacle to Michele winning final immunity (Cydney is a solid physical performer, but come on. She wasn’t in this challenge AT ALL). I’m predicting Cydney will be booted, although I think Aubry might be an overlooked option. She could totally work the jury if she gets there, and I think more people would respect her game, at this point.


8:36 PM: Michele is agonizing over her choice, since this could be a million dollar decision if she lets the wrong person make it to the final three. Meanwhile, Aubry tells Tai that the best move for his game would be to vote Cydney. However, Tai doesn’t seem entirely on-board with blindsiding Cydney, saying they will leave it to a 2-2 vote that ends in a firemaking challenge. The problem, of course, is that Aubry isn’t terribly great at making fire. Tai’s indecisiveness is making Aubry weary of sticking with him, and considering her other options. To her credit, Michele tells Cydney it might make more sense to vote out Aubry than Tai, on the basis that she could work the jury and whip up the votes, whereas Tai can’t speak in public to save his life. Cydney isn’t sure which way she’s going to vote, since her only loyalty right now is to her mother, whose life she’s trying to change by winning this game. There are arguments to be made for why each of the remaining castaways should be voted out, although Michele does promise Cydney she’ll be here in the final three tomorrow, which sounds a bit prophetic. Aubry is worried about Tai, and admits that if she’s going to end up on the wrong side of any vote, it’s going to be this one.

Survivor Kaoh Rong final four tribal council

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8:41 PM: Tai admits that the choice is difficult tonight, since everyone’s name has been thrown out. Cydney states that it’s important, at this stage of the game, to think about who you’re sitting next to, whereas Aubry states that you can never know who to target, strategically. Something that might cause one castaway to be considered a threat, a member of the jury might not even see as a strength at all, but a weakness. Michele admits to Probst that, rather than a sense of power, she feels a sense of nervousness with the necklace. The finalists get up to vote, and we don’t see any of the votes cast. Probst collects the urn and reads the votes…


We have a tie! Probst asks if anyone would be willing to change their vote, or if they’re 100% locked in. Both Michele and Tai admit they’re locked in, and their votes won’t be changing. So we’re getting a fire-making challenge!

So both Cydney and Aubry begin building their respective fires, and both women have considerable trouble getting any sort of flame to catch. However, before long, Aubry is able to get a fire going. Her flame goes from a faint flicker to a blaze with Aubry’s careful tending of the fire. Before long, the fire is enormous and Cydney has still yet to light a fire. Right as the jury is ready to write Cydney off (with Jason declaring “Goodbye, Cydney”), Aubry knocks her structure over, causing her to lose nearly all of her fire. In moments, her inferno becomes a smoldering pile of nothing. And just like that, now Cydney has a fire! Granted, it doesn’t last, as Cydney’s fire quickly goes out. Right on cue, Aubry’s fire comes back to life. And this time, it’s lined up perfectly. The rope is burned, and Aubry lives to see Day 38. Aubry and Cydney hug as both women break down in tears.

CYDNEY is eliminated from SURVIVOR: KAOH RONG!

Probst asks why Cydney is so emotional, and she says she was trying to do this for her mother, to give her the basic types of things that any person should have: a paid-off mortgage, health insurance, and a daughter who’s back in school. It’s a heartbreaking moment, and Aubry looks nauseous with regret about ending that dream for Cydney. In her exit interview after he torch is snuffed, she admits she played the best game she could, but she just wasn’t as slick as she thought. She states Aubry was making great moves which is why she wanted to take her out of the game. With that said, Cydney is really looking forward to her jury service, and hopes everyone chooses their words wisely.

Back at CBS Studios, Probst is here with Cydney’s mother, who is very moved by what she’s just witnesses. She didn’t know about Cydney’s confessional, and was seeing all this for the first time. She recalls the terror of seeing Cydney nearly evacuated from the game early in the season, and states “That’s my baby!” However, she’s proud of how her daughter played, even if Probst makes a rather silly statement about how Cydney might still be in the game if it had been a bench press rather than a fire-making challenge.

Cydney Gillon eliminated from Survivor Kaoh Rong

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9:05 PM: Aubry is amazed she’s still here, since she never imagined she’d end up competing in a fire-making challenge against Cydney. Michele, meanwhile, is really upset with Tai, believing he just handed Aubry a million dollars by voting against Cydney. Her argument is that Aubry has played a tremendous game, and everyone will be voting for her at the end. “I can’t really think of a case against Aubry,” Michele says. But she sucks it up and congratulates her fellow finalists, saying she’s happy to go to the final three with them and enjoy the finalists’ breakfast the next morning. However, Tai doesn’t believe this is it yet. He says that Probst never said “Your game now turns over to the jury,” which he always says. They don’t believe Tai, but when treemail comes the next morning, Michele is crestfallen to announce that one final challenge is coming up that day.

At the immunity challenge, we get one of the biggest late-game twists in the history of Survivor: There will be a challenge, but they are NOT competing for immunity because they ARE the final three. However, they WILL be competing to vote someone out of the game. The winner of this challenge will get to vote ONE person off of the jury!

Aubry’s “HOLY S***” reaction is pretty much the same as mine. And Aubry breaking down into tears upon realizing she’s actually made it to the final tribal council is one of the most emotional moments of the season. That said, this challenge is a complete and total game-changer that could fundamentally alter the outcome if the winner chooses the right juror to eliminate. I’m super-excited about this.


9:10 PM: So the challenge is the dexterity challenge none of the tribes picked at the start of the season. Each competitor must gradually pile a stack of balls while balancing precariously on a wobbly, spring-loaded platform. If you move on the platform, you run the risk of having the movement carry over onto the tower platform. And the higher your stack the balls, the harder it becomes to keep it straight.

It’s pretty rough going at the start, as each castaway gets a decent start, only to see their respective towers fall over. Before long, it comes down to Aubry and Michele, both of whom are stacking their towers pretty high. It comes down to the final ball — Aubry places hers, and her stack tumbles over. Michele places hers, and the stack holds.


Probst gives Michele an envelope with the piece of parchment she’ll be using to make her vote tonight. In addition, there’s a note that details what the twist is. She will have the honor of reading it to the jury, and breaking the news to them. Understandably, Aubry is upset to have lost the challenge, since this could be a game-winning move for Michele, depending on which juror she eliminates. I think she’s likely to get rid of the most pro-Aubry juror, Joe. Which would suck for Joe, since it’s bad enough he got medically evacuated, without also having to lose his spot on the jury. That said, I hope they still let the eliminated juror ask his/her question. It might not be as good as a vote, but it would allow the juror to still have some influence in steering the vote. Realistically, I think the best move Michele could make is to read the twist, toss it in the fire, and say she wants all of the jurors to vote. It would instantly garner the jury’s respect, and change their view of her game vs. Aubry’s. But it’d be a huge risk that could backfire.

Michele wins final challenge of Survivor Kaoh Rong

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9:19 PM: Michele considers ditching Joe, and Tai totally agrees. However, he does bring up Neal as a possibility, noting that Neal is a great talker who could potentially convince other people to vote for Aubry too. Michele thinks it could be smart to ditch Neal, even if it’s conventionally smart to pick Joe, who’s 100% in favor of Aubry and no one else. Tai notes that he put the idea to vote out Neal in Michele’s head, because he knows Neal would never vote for him. Aubry, meanwhile, is disappointed to learn that Michele is targeting her two biggest allies on the jury, so she suggests getting rid of Scot, since he and Jason could be planning to vote for Tai.

In the final moments before tribal, Michele is still weighing out her options. Tai is angry that Aubry is trying to get rid of Scot, whereas Aubry isn’t exactly thrilled about the alternative. Michele notes that this could be the move that either costs her the game or wins her the million dollars. Needless to say, I can feel Michele’s nerves from here.


9:24 PM: As the jury files in, Neal instantly recognizes that no one is wearing an immunity necklace. So Michele breaks the news to them about why. The jury is positively FLOORED (particularly Neal) to learn that a juror is being voted out of the game. To make it even more heartbreaking, the eliminated juror won’t even get to attend final tribal council, much less ask a question! That’s kind of messed up. I mean, at least let them attend!

Anyway, Probst asks Michele about her decision, and she says she’s trying to think of who she can appeal to at the end, irrespective of who Aubry or Tai has been campaigning to eliminate. Aubry says this is uncharted water in Survivor, saying that Michele can play it safe, or she could make a big move here. Probst thinks it’s common sense to eliminate someone who would never vote for you, but he wants Tai’s opinion on why that isn’t the case. Tai admits that it’s not just about voting out a juror who won’t vote for you, because you have to keep in mind which jurors would fight for you, and which jurors would ask you a difficult question or hurt your game. Jason seems to think this means him, and Scot agrees. Ultimately, Michele admits she’s gathered information on every possibility, and has made her decision based on two factors: 1) this person is very persuasive, and could swing the vote for one of the other finalists, and 2) this person was never going to vote for her, so it makes no sense to have them on the jury. That sounds like Neal, to me, and I think he knows, since he’s shaking his head in disappointment.

Probst gathers the vote and reads it to the jury…

NEAL is eliminated from the jury!

Neal is the first juror ever voted out of Survivor

Credit: CBS

Neal looks disappointed but he states “It’s an honor to finally have my name written down.” Then, in one of the more shocking moments of the season, Neal walks right up to Michele, gets in her face, and declares that she came into this game thinking she was “a badass bitch,” but she’s really just “a cute little puppy still suckling at the teat. You’ve got no chance.” In his exit interview, Neal finds it interesting to be the first juror ever voted out of the game. He agrees with Michele’s rationale, however, stating that it was probably her only move, since he would have been an outspoken advocate for Aubry. Ultimately, he doesn’t think the move Michele made really matters, since there are still two people out there who’ve played a better game than she did. Honestly, I think Neal is SEVERELY underestimating Michele’s game, which he wasn’t even there to witness, for the most part. I also think he’s vastly overestimating Tai’s game. He’s right on the money about Aubry though, whom I really do think did play a better game than Michele. Of course, the best game is whichever game wins. If you can’t get to the end and then convince the people you voted out to then vote for you, then your game simply wasn’t good enough.

Back in the studio, Probst admits that he and the producers have had that “vote out a juror” twist planned for seven years now. They’d just been waiting for the perfect moment to use it. He feels this was their best opportunity. I can’t say I disagree with him there, especially since it gave us the highs and lows of the final three thinking they’d have to compete for immunity one last time, only to be relieved to discover they were, in fact, the final three…only to THEN be told there WILL be one final challenge. I absolutely loved it, from a drama standpoint. Naturally, it won’t work for every season, but I wouldn’t be opposed to seeing this twist return in the future.


9:34 PM: The finalists celebrate the next morning by enjoying brunch and looking in a mirror to see how much they’ve changed over the last 39 days. That said, there’s still plenty of talk about the game amidst all the celebrating. Aubry is devastated that Michele eliminated one of her allies on the jury, but Michele feels that Neal’s behavior on his elimination just proves to her that she made the right choice, since he was probably going to trash her at Final Tribal Council. I still feel Tai’s role in Neal’s elimination is being overlooked. That was some smart, subtle suggesting on Tai’s part, and it actually worked! For her part, Aubry feels like Neal’s rant was simply a taste of what’s to come for them at Final Tribal Council. “We’re in for a world of hurt,” Michele states, with Aubry adding, “This is going to be a roast.” Each finalist makes the argument in a confessional about why they deserve to win the game, with Michele stating that she hasn’t been a follower or riding coattails, while Tai declares he has been making moves in this game, such as eliminating Scot. Aubry, meanwhile, declares that she was someone who, thirty-nine days ago, froze with tension at the thought of making any kind of decision. She admits she’s going into this tribal council like any other: “My head is on the chopping block. How do I get it off?” That totally sounded like a winner’s confessional, to me. But I guess we’ll see. I genuinely have no idea who’s going to win this game. I’m confident it won’t be Tai though. But this could be the first Final Tribal Council in a LONG time where every single finalist gets at least one vote. Maybe.


9:41 PM: Probst does the introductions, and the jurors quickly notice that we have a special guest at Final Tribal Council: Tai brought Mark the Chicken! I think I’m more happy about him still being here on Day 39 than just about anyone else in the game.

NICK: Nick doesn’t have a question, just a warning for each castaway on what they need to do to win his vote. Michele needs to display intelligence, Tai needs to display strength (I may have misheard) and Aubry needs to display confidence.

DEBBIE Debbie asks Tai if he has a separate personality living in his head, since he flopped so many times. Tai says he wasn’t flip-flopping, since he was always with Michele until circumstances put him in league with Scot and Jason. Then he felt they were running the show too much, so that’s when he flipped. But he only flipped once. Debbie then tells Aubry it was great to see her evolve from a neurotic nerd to a geek warrior. Debbie asks if Aubry would have looked out for her the way she looked out for Aubry if the roles were reversed. Aubry says Debbie is her biggest regret in the game, saying she wanted to keep Debbie in the game, but she was too big of a threat, and the numbers were against her. Debbie loves the answer, and tells Aubry to let her geek flag fly.

JULIA: Julia goes in on Michele by saying she was the weakest member of the Beauty tribe, a coattail rider who basically did nothing until late in the game. However, she admits that Michele won her respect when she voted her out, since she was Michele’s closest ally in the game. She asks Michele if this will be enough to win her the million dollars. Michele says each of her decisions have been completely thought out, and she recognized the threat Julia presented in the game. That’s why she voted her out. Julia then asks Tai about the game he played, and if it deserves a million dollars. Tai says he found an alliance and tried to stick with it until he couldn’t. He says whether or not she votes for him depends on what she’s looking for in a Survivor winner, but he definitely feels he played a better game than Michele.

JOE: Joe knows Michele’s game and where she’s coming from, so he directs his questions to Aubry and Tai. He asks Tai why he should win over Aubry, and he responds by saying he worked to hustle and stay in the game, saying both he and Aubry were like computers running all the time. Joe notes Tai’s computer was a bit more haywire than Aubry’s, however. Joe directs the same question at Aubry, who states that Tai wouldn’t have been able to do anything late in the game without her, since she didn’t have all the idols and advantages he had. She had to actually have her pulse on the game, which ultimately carried them further.

JASON: Jason admits he has no idea who he’s voting for. He talks about how Michele voted against Tai on the night Scot was blindsided. He was impressed to find her work her way into that rival alliance, and asked how she did it. She admits that she remained open to voting out her tightest allies like Julia, and also presented herself as a trusting alternative to a flip-flopper like Tai. Jason then asks Tai to be honest and ask why he left their alliance for Aubry. Tai says he was scared, and thought they were going to vote him out. He also felt insecure because they would always talk about men stuff that he knows nothing about. He also declares that they go about things with such a savage attitude (Mark starts freaking out, in a cute moment). Tai ends by saying he was scared of Jason’s relationship with Scot, frankly.

CYDNEY: Cydney asks Aubry if she was always the plan to be voted out at the last tribal council. She admits that she wanted Michele to be eliminated, but Michele winning immunity made that impossible. So she targeted Cydney, knowing that’s what Cydney would have done. Cydney begins to ask Michele her question, but Aubry interrupts with a question of her own. She asks Michele if they knew they were voting Cydney. Michele states she didn’t, and says she would have tried to save Cydney if she could have, since she wanted to be sitting here at the end with her.

SCOT: Scot says he was going to ask Tai a question, but now he just has a statement. He tells Tai he used his idol and his advantages poorly. He then tells Aubry that she needs to make the jurors vote for her. “Why would I vote for you?” Scot asks. Aubry says she feels Scot can appreciate the competitor in her, and the way she played the game, even though it was different from Scot’s game. Scot then tells Michele that he never would have imagined Michele would have made it here, but he applauds her for getting stronger as the game went on.

9:57 PM: Probst says he would normally say they’re done, but he feels every finalist deserves a final statement. Aubry starts off by saying she made decisions that weren’t easy for her, and managed a bunch of different relationships that got her here, rather than relying on idols, advantages and challenge wins. She won the firemaking challenge to stay here, which is something she didn’t even think she could do. She felt she outwitted, outplayed and outlasted, which is why she deserves to win. Tai, meanwhile, says he doesn’t believe in backstabbing, and doesn’t think we need to be like that in life. He tears up as he delivers a Vietnamese proverb about how everyone is like a hyacinth in the water — some float together and some float apart. He wanted to keep Scot for as long as he could, but he couldn’t any longer. Some people drift together along the same path, while others drift apart. Michele tears up when talking about how she never let the game get her down. She remained true to herself and tried to remain happy in the game. She’s really proud of herself for what she’s accomplished.

That was EASILY the best Final Tribal Council in AGES. Great questions, great responses, and a genuine sense of uncertainty heading into the final vote. This is probably the closest we’ll ever come to a tie (no pun intended) at Final Tribal Council. That said, even though I feel every winner deserves their win, I’m going to be a bit sour if Michele wins solely because of the “Vote Out One Juror” twist.


10:06 PM: The jury gets up to vote, and we see some of the votes. Julia votes for Michele like she promised she would early in the game, while Joe votes for Aubry and congratulates her. Probst collects the votes. Before calling a conclusion to the season, Probst asks Tai if he has any intention of taking Mark to America. Tai admits he doesn’t, and that he plans to let Mark go. Tai and Mark have a surprisingly emotional farewell, and some of the other jurors say goodbye to him too as Tai releases him back into the wild, with the hopes that he’s not someone’s dinner any time soon. Probst says he’ll see the finalists back in America for the reading of the votes, but I bet they never thought it’d be a full year after the season was filmed! (Survivor: Cambodia – Second Chance getting bumped up to the fall pushed this season back. It was filmed way the hell back in Spring 2015!).

We’re live in the studio for the reading of the votes, and after Probst’s usual opening diatribe, we get to the final votes…



Michele wins Survivor Kaoh Rong

Michele breaks down in tears as the crowd goes crazy. I wish Aubry had won, but the bonus here is that if Aubry had gotten another vote, Probst would have read it. So this means Michele would have won whether she voted out Neal or not. Congratulations to Michele on her big win!

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