‘Supergirl’ Renewed, But With a Catch: Show Will Move to The CW

So here’s the deal. After being on the bubble for much of this season, Supergirl has been renewed for a second season, but with a major catch: the series will be moving from CBS to The CW!

Yup, it looks like Supergirl is officially joining The CW’s DC Universe! Well, I mean, the show technically already did with that crossover with The Flash in March, but with the move to The CW, Supergirl now has free reign to do more intricate storylines in the Arrowverse without having to negotiate with CBS. With Supergirl now joining the smaller CW network, the budget will probably be smaller, but the drop in cost should be offset by potentially drawing in new viewers through more frequent crossover events thanks to this shared universe developed by Greg Berlanti, Marc Guggenheim, Andrew Kreisberg, Phil Klemmer and Geoff Johns. Either way, it seems like The CW is at a point where they might as well just rebrand as The DC Network: with Supergirl on the docket, the network now has four DC Universe shows in its lineup, including Arrow, The Flash and DC’s Legends of Tomorrow.

Of course, I’m not exactly complaining. I love all four shows. Sure, Supergirl had a bit of a rocky start, but it got legitimately fun as the season rolled on, and Melissa Benoist is pitch perfect in her role. And while Arrow has had an even rockier season than most, the show is looking to finish this season strong with the Damien Darhk battle in the offing. Meanwhile, The Flash is as good as it’s ever been, and DC’s Legends of Tomorrow is legitimately fun as hell. Seriously, one of my favorite freshman shows of the 2015-2016 TV season, even acknowledging that there are myriad problems with the show (namely, the Hawk people and the repeated plot contrivances that allow the bad guy to keep getting away). Ultimately, I see this move as a great thing for The CW.

'Supergirl' Renewed, But With a Catch Show Will Move to The CW

Credit: CBS

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