Super Moon And ISS Like You’ve Never Seen Them Before

Here’s an amazing composite shot of the Super Moon and the International Space Station from a photographer in Dallas, Texas.

If you missed the Super Moon because you failed to look up at the sky for the last 24 hours, there’s still another one coming in mid-December. Not as big as Monday’s but still big.


Supermoon and Space Station

What are those specks in front of the Moon? They are silhouettes of the International Space Station (ISS). Using careful planning and split-second timing, a meticulous lunar photographer captured ten images of the ISS passing in front of last month’s full moon. But this wasn’t just any full moon — this was the first of the three consecutive 2016 supermoons. A supermoon is a full moon that appears a few percent larger and brighter than most other full moons. The featured image sequence was captured near Dallas, Texas. Occurring today is the second supermoon of this series, a full moon that is the biggest and brightest not only of the year, but of any year since 1948. To see today’s super-supermoon yourself, just go outside at night and look up. The third supermoon of this year’s series will occur in mid-December.



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