‘Suicide Squad’ Set Video Shows Joker and Harley Quinn In Tense Standoff (VIDEO)

A set video has leaked for Suicide Squad, and it shows The Joker (Jared Leto) and Harley Quinn (Margot Robbie) in a tense standoff.

The scene appears to be from a flashback illustrating how Dr. Harleen Quinzel became infatuated with The Joker, eventually becoming his sidekick/paramour, Harley Quinn. We can’t really hear any of the dialogue between the two, beyond Harley shouting for The Joker to stop his car, but there’s a lot to read into the body language, from Harley’s intrigued smile to Joker’s expressive gesturing. We even get a brief moment of violence, as he knocks out an angry, tire iron-wielding bystander and then gives the backhand to Harley herself.

Check out the video below:

'Suicide Squad' Set Video Shows Joker and Harley Quinn In Tense Standoff (VIDEO)

I thought this was pretty interesting. It seems Leto’s Joker is going the scenery-chewing route, which is a-okay by me, since I don’t know that The Joker really needs to be subtle…like, ever. Hopefully, the movie does a good job of making Harleen’s transition into Harley Quinn believable. As great as the character is, I’ve never particularly bought that she was a doctor, if only because I couldn’t imagine Harleen, as depicted in most media, actually completing a doctoral program of any kind. Then again, being insane doesn’t preclude one from becoming a doctor, so I’ll definitely be interested to see how her backstory is depicted this time around.

But what do you think of the video? Sound off in the comments!

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