‘Suicide Squad’ Adds Clint Eastwood’s Son and Canadian Boxing Star

The Suicide Squad cast has just grown considerably, but with two actors whose roles remain mysterious.

Scott Eastwood has joined the cast, and while his early film career benefited from roles in dad Clint Eastwood’s movies, he’s actually worked with Suicide Squad director David Ayers before, appearing as Sergeant Miles in Ayers’s Fury last year. To say he looks like a young version of his dad would be an understatement, but between this and his upcoming role in Nicholas Sparks adaptation The Longest Ride, Eastwood is getting the chance to stand out on his own. You know, without having to change his name.

As for the other big cast addition for this movie — operative word being “big” — Canadian heavyweight boxer Ray Olubowale is in. Olubowale has played a brute in movies before, having played the Axeman in the last several Resident Evil movies, so it’s expected he’ll play a character of similarly intimidating physical stature. The Nigerian-Canadian athlete is an imposing 6’7? and goes by the boxing alias “Mount Kilimanjaro,” since he’s basically insurmountable. Perhaps that’ll be the case for his opponents in Suicide Squad. Of course, at this rate, it’s hard to know for sure, since no character details have been confirmed at this point. But it’s open season on speculation, so feel free to have at it in the comments!

'Suicide Squad' Adds Clint Eastwood's Son and Canadian Boxing Star

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