Suge Knight – Full Video of Fatal Hit and Run Released

WARNING GRAPHIC: TMZ has released the full video of the fatal hit and run involving Suge Knight. It’s brutal.

The video clearly shows Suge running over two men (and killing them on the spot).

This should be the centerpiece of Suge’s murder trial no doubt. He is currently under arrest with bail of $2 million.

From TMZ:

Watch the video carefully. You see Suge pull up and he is almost instantly confronted by Cle “Bone” Sloan, who did security for the film. You clearly seen Bone attacking Suge through the driver’s window, when Suge suddenly throws the truck in reverse, clipping Bone with the side view mirror and knocking him down.

You also see Terry Carter — the man who ended up run over and dead — standing near Bone. Terry moves into the parking lot when Suge guns it again, hitting Bone a second time and mowing Terry down, mortally wounding him.

There are two versions of what happened here. Prosecution believes Suge could have just drove off after hitting the first man. Suge however says he was trying to “escape” in fear of being shot as he ran over the men.

Watch the video here (WARNING GRAPHIC):

Suge Knight - Full video of Fatal Hit and Run Released

Photo Credit: Getty Images Entertainment

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