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Subway Suspends Partnership With Jared Fogle After Police Raid

It’s looking like Jared Fogle’s career as a Subway spokesman may be over.

Jared Fogle had his home raided by Indiana authorities on Tuesday in connection with a child pornography investigation, and the resulting scandal has prompted Subway to “suspend” its relationship with a spokesman who, as you’re reading this, remains prominently featured in advertisements and posters within Subway’s own stores (mostly to entice us to, of all things, check out his cameo in Sharknado 3 in a few weeks).

Although Jared wasn’t arrested during the police raid on his home in Zionsville, Indiana, the investigation is still ongoing.

But here’s the catch: Jared isn’t even the one purported to be involved in the illegal activities. Rather, it appears he simply has a secondhand connection to it. Russell Taylor, the former executive director of Fogle’s Jared Foundation charity, was arrested on child pornography-related charges back in May. Apparently, Taylor was charged with seven counts of production of child pornography, and one additional count of possession. In the aftermath of Taylor’s arrest, Jared immediately announced his foundation would be cutting all ties with the former employee, which makes this entire situation utterly confounding. If Jared did nothing wrong, why was his house raided?

Subway Suspends Partnership With Jared Fogle After Police Raid

Credit: Subway

Well, the charges are unspecified, at the moment. But Subway isn’t taking any risks with their public image, removing the “Jared’s Journey” section from their website, which detailed how Fogle lost over 200 lbs simply through exercise and eating Subway sandwiches. His story brought him to national attention in 2000, and made him one of the most recognizable spokesmen for any national product, much less sandwiches.

“Subway and Jared Fogle have mutually agreed to suspend their relationship due to the current investigation,” the company said in a statement. “Jared continues to cooperate with authorities and he expects no actions to be forthcoming. Both Jared and Subway agree that this was the appropriate step to take.”

“Jared has been cooperating, and continues to cooperate, with law enforcement in their investigation of unspecified charges and looks forward to its conclusion,” added Fogle’s lawyer, Ron Elberger. “He has not been detained, arrested or charged with any crime or offense.”

So this basically smells about as fishy as Subway’s Seafood Sensation sub. Particularly since the U.S. attorney’s office is remaining mum on just why this level of action was necessary. It’s a story that’s as intriguing as it is confusing. I’m sincerely hoping Jared isn’t a secret creep of some kind, because he always seemed like such a nice guy. Then again, it’s kind of silly of me to project onto minor celebrities like that. Either way, I suppose we’ll find out soon enough, once more facts about the case start rolling in. Here’s hoping, anyway.

Of course, this wouldn’t be the first time Subway found itself in a pickle they couldn’t exactly wrap their heads around.

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