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Subway Spokesman Jared Fogle Paid 16-Year-Old For Sex, According to Texts

A few weeks ago, the home of Subway spokesman Jared Fogle was the subject of an FBI raid in connection with a child pornography investigation. Yet, while Subway quickly cut ties with Fogle by suspending him indefinitely, details remained scarce on the exact nature of the investigation against him. However, details are now starting to come in.

The FBI subpoenaed an affidavit containing texts from Fogle, and those texts reveal that Fogle admitted to paying a 16-year-old girl $100 for sex.

Apparently, the affidavit containing the texts details a relationship between Fogle and a female Subway franchisee. In one unsettling message, Fogle asks the woman to put an ad on Craigslist offering sex with other men so he could watch.

However, it’s the woman’s response that has Fogle in hot water, as she replies to the Craigslist text by stating, “Is this the same website you found that 16-year-old girl that you f–ked. … I still can’t believe you only paid $100 for her.’’

“It was amazing,’’ Fogle allegedly responded.

Subway Spokesman Jared Fogle Paid 16-Year-Old For Sex, According to Texts

Credit: Mark Von Holden/Invision/AP

The woman hired a lawyer after she complained about Fogle to Subway. When Subway did nothing about it, she went straight to law enforcement with the incriminating texts, which have been “independently verified”. Now Fogle could be facing criminal action, particularly since the franchisee is now saying Fogle also asked to set up a meeting with her underage cousin.

Fogle lives in Indiana, where the age of consent is 16, so there might not actually be a case here for statutory rape, although I can’t imagine admitting to soliciting sex will end well for him.

What do you think of the investigation into Jared Fogle? Is this the end of his Subway career? Sound off in the comments!

And for more on the situation, check out our report on the FBI raid of his Indiana home.

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