Stuttering Comic Delivers Hilarious Routine on America’s Got Talent 10 (VIDEO)

Drew Lynch delivered one of the funniest routines in AGT history on America’s Got Talent 10, “Semi-Final 1”!

Drew makes one of the few jokes to ever make me laugh out loud on AGT, saying that when he talks on the phone, people think he either has poor reception or he has a Sprint plan. He then says how a lot of people assume he’s a woman from his high-pitched voice, relaying a conversation in which he tried to deepen his voice to convince a bill collector that he was a man. And it only gets better from there. Seriously, I consider this to be the best stand-up performance AGT has ever had.

Watch the hilarious performance video below:

Stuttering Comic Delivers Hilarious Routine on America's Got Talent 10 (VIDEO)

Judges: Howie couldn’t be more proud of Drew, declaring that the only people who don’t love Drew are probably from Sprint. Heidi agrees that Drew will probably never get a Sprint deal, but thinks he’s funny and inspiring. Howard loves Drew and thinks he’s hilarious, but wishes he wouldn’t laugh so much at his own jokes, since he views it as a crutch Drew doesn’t need. Drew says he’ll try to be less funny in the future (AWESOME!). Mel B actually wished Drew would be given more time, because she loved his act. Drew tells Mel B he can actually do an hour with only ten minutes of material. Dude, this guy is on FIRE! Best act of the night, and possibly the best act I’ve seen on this show this season.

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