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Stressed Out Shelter Dog Adorably Sucks Blanket While Sleeping (VIDEO)

Shelter life can be especially stressful for a rescue dog.

A perfect example of this is Harvey the Staffordshire Bull Terrier, who spends his time de-stressing with shelter staff and sucking on his blanket while sleeping.

Which if you ask us is a perfectly valid way to spend your free time.

Wrote the workers at the Jerry Green Dog Rescue of the video, “Harvey is finding kennel life quite stressful and so he spends lots of time in the offices with us. This morning we caught the little guy suckling his blanket whilst having a snooze <3 Please like & share his video so we can find him a home soon!”

According to Centre Support Officer Paige Chappill, Harvey’s blanket will be sent with him to his forever home.

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