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Street Dog Saves Her Puppies From Devastating Flood (VIDEO)

Here’s an amazing video of a street dog saving her puppies from the devastating Chennai flood in India.

The mother dog swam through the floodwaters and picked up her puppies one by one to safety.

Heavy rainfall caused massive flooding in Chennai, India early this month. The area received more than double the amount of rain in December this year. More than 120,000 people had to be rescued.

This mother dog is so brave. I hope she and her pups are OK.

Some readers on YouTube have complained that the videographer should have helped the dogs. I think if you are in the middle of a natural disaster like a flood, we think about our safety first, which is OK. This is why this dog is so remarkable. She put her life on the line for her puppies.

Press play to watch the video below.

Street Dog Saves Her Puppies From Devastating Flood (VIDEO)

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