Stone Cold Steve Austin Rants On Roman Reigns Wrestlemania Match Problems (VIDEO)

WWE Hall of Famer Stone Cold Steve Austin has always been outspoken, and never more so than on his podcast. On episode 316 of The Steve Austin Show, Austin reviewed WWE WrestleMania 32, and went on an insightful rant about the problems with the Wrestlemania main event between Roman Reigns and Triple H.

“It was way too long. That match should have been 15 minutes,” Austin said. “I mean, from bell to bell, 15 minutes, and, that being said, all the bells and whistles and action that needed to happen within that 15 minutes. And just, this is a deal where, okay, if it’s Bret Hart and Shawn Michaels and you’re out there, hey, give them 30 [minutes] because they can go 30 [minutes]. But here’s a case, and Triple H can go any amount of time you want him to go. But what needed to happen on this, just to make Roman, because if you’re going to let Roman go over clean in the middle of the ring, shine him up like a million bucks. Let him bounce Triple H all over kingdom come. Finally, let Triple H just get a frog’s hair of heat on him. And then boom, big finish, bam, 1-2-3. Make an impact with that match. Make an impact with the finish. And make a statement for the kid! It’s about getting this kid over and at least within the confines of the 20 x 20, being the ring, and then you’ve got all the other things to deal with, whether it’s people resent him or this, that, or they think he [has] been pushed too hard too soon.”

Austin would go on to declare that the match pretty much exposed the issues with Roman Reigns, and why he’s struggling to get over at a main event babyface level.

“You’re trying to make Roman Reigns. I don’t think you make him in a 28-minute chess match. This match needed to be all about excitement, explosion, and testosterone out of Roman and that’s how I think they should have booked it.” Austin added that “making Roman Reigns work this long exposed more holes in his game than we’ve already known that exist.”

Stone Cold Steve Austin Rants On Roman Reigns Wrestlemania Match Problems (VIDEO)

Credit: WWE

I always respect Austin’s opinion, because it always comes from a very constructive point, far more so than many other legends who comment on the issues with today’s product. If nothing else, I think having a guy like Austin on the creative team, or at least contributing ideas every now and then, could lead to guys like Reigns having an easier time accomplishing what the company wants them to. Because, try as he might, Reigns just isn’t getting it done as a babyface. And yet, he might have had a chance if they’d simply went the Goldberg route with the guy and made him the vicious, silent badass who destroys opponents in short order. Sort of like how he was in The Shield. But WWE has their sights set on creating another John Cena, which won’t allow for that type of characterization. And that’s a shame, because Reigns could be a much bigger star than he is. Ultimately, I can’t help but agree with Austin on this one. Less would have been more with that Wrestlemania main event.

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