Stone Cold Steve Austin Addresses Whether or Not He’ll Be at Wrestlemania 32

Stone Cold Steve Austin appeared on the 100th episode of the Ross Report, the podcast hosted by his longtime friend Jim Ross. In the milestone episode, Austin revealed whether or not he’ll be at WWE Wrestlemania 32.

The answer is pretty straightforward: Austin stated he’s sure he’ll be at WrestleMania this year. After all, it is in his home state of Texas, airing live from the AT&T Stadium in Dallas (well, Arlington, technically). Of course, Austin added to his statement, noting that there are creative plans in place for his role at Wrestlemania. However, he didn’t specify what those plans are, since he’s not able to discuss them yet. So yes, Austin will at Wrestlemania, but we just don’t know what role he’ll have yet.

Austin’s hush-hush role and The Rock being similarly vague about what he’ll be doing at Wrestlemania makes me think WWE has something huge planned. If nothing else, Austin has come a long way from threatening to boycott Wrestlemania 32 over the lack of a Hall of Fame induction for the Freebirds. Granted, his reason to boycott might be gone now that the Freebirds are rumored to be inducted this year. Right now, the only Hall of Fame inductee for the Class of 2016 so far is Sting, so nothing is confirmed. But given what the Freebirds meant to the Dallas wrestling scene in their feud with the Von Erichs in the 80s, it seems like a sure-thing, at this point.

Anyway, you can listen to Austin on the Ross Report by clicking here.

Stone Cold Steve Austin Addresses Whether or Not He'll Be at Wrestlemania 32

Credit: WWE

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