Sting Reportedly Announcing Retirement at WWE Hall of Fame 2016

Is Sting planning to announce his retirement at the 2016 WWE Hall of Fame Ceremony on April 2nd? Well, if TMZ is to be believed, it certainly seems like the former WCW champion is planning to hang up his boots for good.

Although it has been rumored for months that Sting would have to retire from professional wrestling following his injury against Seth Rollins at Night of Champions 2015, the icon had yet to make anything official. But TMZ is reporting that Sting was evaluated by multiple doctors, all of whom came to the consensus that it’s just too big of a risk to allow the legend to ever compete in the ring again.

More pointedly, Sting was reportedly diagnosed with cervical spinal stenosis, a severe condition affecting the nerves. This can lead to extraordinary discomfort and pain. Of course, there’s no real reason Sting can’t be involved in a non-physical role. If anything, it’s something Sting has admitted he’s open to, since he doesn’t seem entirely ready to let the wrestling business go just yet. And I can’t blame him, considering this has been his life for the better part of thirty years.

On the one hand, I wish Sting had been given a better send-off, since WWE never really treated him with the gravity and respect he deserves, from a booking standpoint. Between losing to HHH at Wrestlemania, and being brought back in September just to lose to Rollins (and an exhausted Rollins, at that. He’d just lost a match to John Cena earlier that night), it felt like WWE never got as much value as they could have out of Sting. On the other hand, I’m glad that he’s getting out of the business before he suffers any more serious injuries. I mean, the man is 56-years-old (and turning 57 in just three days!), so if he hadn’t suffered this injury against Rollins, I can’t imagine he’d have had many more matches left in him anyway. Still, it’ll be emotional to watch him say goodbye, just as it was last month when Daniel Bryan did the same. It’s been a great career for Sting, and his Hall of Fame induction is well-deserved. So if this is the end, at least it’s on a night where his career is being celebrated.

Sting Reportedly Announcing Retirement at WWE Hall of Fame 2016

Credit: WWE

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