Steve Rannazzisi of ‘The League’ Apologizes for Making Up a 9/11 Story

Steve Rannazzisi of The League is really sorry about pretending he was in the World Trade Center on 9/11, an event which he credits with convincing him to move to LA to become an actor.

He’s just not sorry enough to apologize in person like a human being. Twitter apologies are good enough, right?

Steve Rannazzisi 9/11 Apology

Credit: FX

Rannazzisi first told his 9/11 “origin story” in 2009 during a Marc Maron podcast, claiming he was on the 54th floor of the South Tower working for Merrill Lynch when the first plane hit the North Tower.

The problem? Merrill Lynch has no record of him working for them.

After being caught in the lie, Rannazzisi took to Twitter to apologize, writing:

Buffalo Wild Wings — who recently picked up Rannazzisi as a spokesperson — has announced that they are reevaluating their ties to the comedian.

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