Steve Harvey Apologizes After Miss Universe Mistake (VIDEO)

Steve Harvey apologized multiple times on social media late Sunday after announcing the wrong winner of Miss Universe 2015 on live television.

He originally posted a hasty apology on Twitter calling Miss Philippines “Philippians” and Miss Colombia “Columbia” – but deleted that and had his PR people write a proper apology.

Harvey, who was hosting the pageant for the very first time, crowned Miss Colombia the winner only to emerge a couple of minutes later to tell a stunned crowd (and viewing audience) that in fact Miss Philippines had won. It was written on the card and he read it wrong.

Steve Harvey Apologizes For Miss Universe Mix-Up

From Steve Harvey:

Hey Everyone,

I made a terrible mistake tonight in announcing the wrong winner and runner-up for the Miss Universe pageant. I know how much pride many countries, fans and most importantly, the contestants take in preparing for this night. I hope that you can forgive me.

All contestants were amazing but I want to specifically apologize to Miss Colombia and Miss Philippines again and wholeheartedly. You both represented well for your countries, families and yourselves.

– SH

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