Stereo Kicks Release Debut Single ‘Love Me So’ (VIDEO)

The debut single is here from The X Factor UK‘s eight-man boy band that was assembled during the Boot Camp round like quiff-haired Avengers.

Written by band member Tom Mann, “Love Me So” is the first single the band has released following the end of Season 11, in which they came in fifth place. It’s a bit on the sappy side, but it’s not a bad song, all things considered. The studio setting really allows them to highlight their impressive harmonies in a way the live setting didn’t (as the live X Factor shows quickly became An Evening With James Graham, the group’s de factor lead singer. “Love Me So” is up for pre-order on iTunes now, but you’ll be waiting a while before it actually releases, as the track doesn’t go live until June 21st. Still, the music video should be able to keep fans satisfied until the song becomes available for purchase. You can check it out below:

Stereo Kicks Releases Debut Single 'Love Me So' (VIDEO)

For his part, Tom Mann has been fairly visible in the media lately, recently criticizing the group’s X Factor mentor Louis Walsh, who made things awkward last season when he was caught on camera backstage saying he didn’t want eight guys in the group. He would go on to say that some of them should be kicked out, which had Simon Cowell in an uproar, offering the boys a spot on his team if Louis didn’t want them. “Obviously Louis didn’t exactly help the situation by suggesting that a couple of us should be kicked out of the band,” Tom said, although he would go on to add that Louis is a “lovely” guy, despite their differences.

“I’d by lying if I said I wish we were still with Louis. If I’m honest then I’d say we’re glad to be away from him,” Mann said, and…well, given how Louis spoke of them, I don’t blame him for saying so. Especially if Tom was one of the boys Louis would have cut if it had been up to him.

Ah well, all the best to the boys. With Zayn Malik quitting One Direction and Louis Tomlinson starting a label with Stereo Kicks’s fellow X Factor UK Season 11 alum Jack Walton, it seems there might soon be a major gap in the boy band market.

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