Stereo Kicks Are the Life of the Party in ‘Love Me So’ Music Video

Well, with Zayn Malik and Louis Tomlinson’s feud signaling that a One Direction reunion isn’t exactly coming any time soon, the boy band void is badly in need of filling. Enter Stereo Kicks, the fifth place finishers on The X Factor UK 2014.

The group is here with the debut music video for their new track, “Love Me So”, which is available for download on June 21. In the video, the boys are the life of the party, as track shows them living it up at a party with some outrageously attractive people. It’s a lively video for a song that is essentially a ballad, but I think it works.

Check out the music video for “Love Me So” by Stereo Kicks below:

Stereo Kicks Are the Life of the Party in 'Love Me So' Music Video

The track is written by band member Tom Mann, who is already showing considerable prowess as a songwriter, whether this song proves to be a hit or not.

“I’ve been writing songs for years and when I put this forward as an idea to the boys they loved it,” Mann said in an interview. “So I feel very honored that it’s been picked as the first single. It also shows another side to us as a group – there’s not many boybands that release self-penned songs as the first single.”

Beyond the unique nature of the self-penned debut single, I like that this is allowing other members of the group to stand out, since the run on The X Factor UK left me with the feeling that this is The James Graham Band. Here, they all feel like more of a cohesive group. To the uninitiated, the group consists of Graham, Mann, Barclay Beales, Chris Leonard, Casey Johnson, Jake Sims, James Graham, Charlie Jones and Reece Bibby, all eight of whom were put together during the boot camp round of The X Factor UK.

Stereo Kicks had their share of controversy over the course of the show, most notably when mentor Louis Walsh claimed he never wanted the boy band to have eight guys in it, and that he would cut some of them if he could. Since then, the group has gotten away from Walsh, with Mann even noting how glad he and the rest of the group were to be rid of him, despite how much they actually do like him, and what a “lovely” guy he is. “I’d be lying if I said I wish we were still with Louis. If I’m honest then I’d say we’re glad to be away from him,” Mann said in an interview.

If nothing else, this new single should allow Stereo Kicks to show their artistry and merit as a group. I’ll be interested to see how they proceed from here.

But what do you think of “Love Me So” and its music video? Sound off in the comments!

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