Stephen Amell Donates WWE Profits to Charity (PHOTO)

Arrow star Stephen Amell made a big splash at WWE Summerslam 2015 (you know, the event where Jon Stewart hit John Cena with a steel chair), teaming with Neville to defeat Stardust and King Barrett in a major tag team match. Amell and Neville would go on to win their match at the special event, held last month, but Amell isn’t quite through with his WWE tenure just yet, as he still had one major duty left to fulfill.

Amell appeared alongside Cody “Stardust” Rhodes to formally donate his proceeds from his WWE match to charity, delivering a check to Emily’s House, a Pediatric Palliative Care Hospice in Toronto. The check is worth nearly $300,000, between Amell’s earnings and the profits from a special T-shirt commissioned for the event. Amell was so moved by the love he received from the patients and staff that he posted about it on Facebook:

Stephen Amell Donates WWE Profits to Charity (PHOTO)

Credit: Facebook

Sometimes you need to put your differences aside for a good cause. So today… Stardust and I presented Emily’s House in Toronto with a check for $297,557 and helped open the Dream Space Playroom in memory of Oliver “Odd Sock Ollie” Muirhead. Can’t really put into words what a special morning this was. The people who work and volunteer and Emily’s House are actual real life superheroes. The Muirhead family should know that their Son left a wonderful impression. And forgive the break in character for a moment, but Cody Rhodes is one of the most selfless, genuine human beings I’ve ever had the pleasure of meeting. What a day. SA

While he might play one on TV, it appears Stephen Amell has the stuff of heroes inside him after all. Well-done, Arrow.

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