‘Star Wars’ + ‘True Detective’ Mash-Up Is Just As Amazing As It Sounds (VIDEO)

True Detective just aired its Season 2 finale this past Sunday night, and with buzz at an all-time high, an extremely clever editor decided to craft a Star Wars tribute crafted in the style of the True Detective opening credits.

The video uses the Handsome Family’s atmospheric, brooding “Far From Any Road”, which was the theme song for True Detective Season 1, although I wonder if “Nevermind” by Leonard Cohen (Season 2’s theme song) might not have worked better. But that’s just the Leonard Cohen fan in me talking. I also wish the video had focused entirely on the original trilogy, but that’s my only real nitpick. But this video is terrific either way. This is just so well-done that I almost wish we got a more brooding Star Wars series to go along with it.

Watch the awesome video below:

'Star Wars' + 'True Detective' Mash-Up Is Just As Amazing As It Sounds (VIDEO)

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