The ‘Star Trek Beyond’ Trailer Has Leaked (VIDEO)

The trailer for Star Trek Beyond was set to debut in front of Star Wars: The Force Awakens this week. However, the trailer leaked, so Paramount Pictures is getting out in front of this by releasing the trailer themselves, in high quality. Of course, whether or not that’s a good thing depends largely on whether you like your Star Trek moves to be more analytical and thought-provoking, or if you’d rather have an over-the-top action spectacle.

From producer JJ Abrams and Fast and Furious franchise director Justin Lin, Star Trek Beyond looks to be way more of a traditional action movie than either of the other two installments in the new Star Trek film canon; and for many, that’s going to be a disappointment. This trailer is set entirely to “Sabotage” by the Beastie Boys, and features more comedy in 90 seconds than most of the past two movies put together. And yet, there IS an exhilarating sense of adventure here that shouldn’t be overlooked. If Star Trek is about exploration and discovering strange new worlds, then having our heroes marooned on an alien planet rife with danger sounds like as good a choice as any for the plot. Ultimately, this could be a fun movie or it could be a hot mess, but right now, it’s looking like it’ll at least be a big spectacle. And if you’re gonna do a movie like this, you might as well go big. Watch the full trailer video below:

'Star Trek Beyond' Trailer Has Leaked, and it's an Over-the-Top Action Spectacle (VIDEO)

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