Stacey Dash Slams President Obama, Says Orlando Shooting ‘Would Not Go Unanswered Under President Trump’

Stacey Dash has decided to weigh in on the deadly Orlando nightclub shooting that occurred over the weekend, slamming President Obama for the tragedy while simultaneous praising presidential hopeful Donald Trump.

Wrote Dash in an Instagram post, “Mr. President this man voted for you, is he an Islamic Terrorist? Registered Democrat voter Omar Mir Seddique Mateen, of Afghan origins commits worse mass shooting in American History.”

She would go on to offer her condolences alongside some comments about Trump (who had his own horrific sound bites about the massacre), writing, “My heart and prayers are with the LBGT community. This atrocity would not go unanswered under President Trump I promise!!!!”

When later asked if the shooting — the deadliest in our country’s history — changed her position on gun control, Dash had this to add:

It does not it all. In fact, it makes me think, you know, had more people been educated and informed about carrying a gun, you would have had more good guys in the room who could have stopped this from happening. You can still take out … a guy with, you know, a Glock. You don’t have to have a big huge gun to take the guy down.

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