Spoiled Great Dane Throws Huge Temper Tantrum (VIDEO)

Some dogs are spoiled. It happens with dogs the same way it can happen with people. Granted, being spoiled doesn't mean you can't still be cute.

In this video, we meet an adorable Great Dane who absolutely flips his lid when he sees his brother with a bone...despite already having a bone himself. Apparently, the bone he had just wasn't enough. He wanted more. He wanted it all! But his mama wouldn't let him have his way, so he ended up throwing a huge temper tantrum until he finally gets what he wants. This Great Dane is super cute, but spoiled rotten. My head is saying this isn't right, but my heart is just swooning. Seriously, both dogs are just plain precious. Watch the video below:

Spoiled Great Dane Throws Huge Temper Tantrum (VIDEO)
Source: YouTube

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