Sorry, Missouri, You Can’t Buy a Tesla – All Direct Sales Banned

Bad news for would-be Tesla owners living in Missouri. Due to a ruling by Missouri court preventing Tesla from keeping direct sales ongoing within the state, it looks like anyone interested in purchasing a Tesla will have to look elsewhere.

According to CNET, the lawsuit, initially filed in 2015, involved the Missouri Automobile Dealers Association arguing that dealership laws were violated when the state issued a dealer’s license to Tesla. The argument is that Tesla can’t be both franchiser and franchisee, because the law is intended to prevent direct competition between manufacturers and dealers. Ultimately, the court agreed with the MADA, so now Tesla can no longer sell their cars at the brick-and-mortar Tesla stores in the state.

Of course, if you can afford a Tesla in the first place, it shouldn’t be that big of a deal to order one online, or cross over into another state to purchase one. Still, Tesla is likely going to appeal this decision. Granted, I’m not sure how big of a potential market Missouri really is for the company, but being kicked out of an entire state isn’t a great look for the brand.

Sorry, Missouri, You Can't Buy a Tesla - All Direct Sales Banned

Source: YouTube

But what do you think about the decision to ban direct sales of all Tesla vehicles in the state of Missouri? Sound off in the comments!

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