Sony is Rebooting the ‘Men in Black’ Franchise With a Trilogy + No Will Smith

Even though Sony just released Men in Black 3 a mere three years ago, there is already a reboot in the works, which will remake the original series sans Will Smith.

Did we mention the reboot will be a trilogy? Because of course it’s going to be a trilogy.

Men in Black Sony Reboot Trilogy

Credit: Sony

Details are scarce, but as producers Walter Parkes and Laurie MacDonald revealed to the Hollywood Reporter, they’re in “the middle” of reviving the franchise and the project is “very active.”

When asked whether Smith would be involved, they responded, “Most likely no,” revealing that the project will be “reinvented as a trilogy.”

Hey Hollywood: too soon.

Men in Bland Mind Erase GIF

Credit: Tumblr

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