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Sonic sings ‘Money On My Mind’ on The Voice 2015 (VIDEO)

Sonic sang “Money On My Mind” on The Voice 2015 Season 8 on Monday, March 2.

Download: Money On My Mind

About Sonic

From our live blog:

Sonic talks about how her mother brought her up on classic soul, from Billie Holliday to Etta James and Michael Kackson. She was signed to a record label at age 14, and was made over into a diva-like artist that doesn’t represent who she really is. But after four years, an album never came out, so she went her own way. She does freelance makeup and jewelry design, and has even created some of the stuff she’s wearing now, like the funky-looking nose-earring combo (she’s even got painful-looking platform shoes on, and while I don’t doubt she’s genuine in her fashion, there’s just something about her that comes across like she’s trying too hard). However, ignoring all the fashion stuff, Sonic does have a significant twist to her backstory: she’s deaf in her right ear, which is how she got the nickname Sonic. She says she doesn’t hear music the same way as other artists, but says this is what makes her Sonic.


Sonic sings 'Money On My Mind'

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