So You Think You Can Dance — Las Vegas

Danny Tidwell
Danny Tidwell
Danny Tidwell

I love this show. Looks like Danny Tidwell is indeed the secret weapon of the season that’s why they won’t show him until tomorrow for the Top 20 reveal. I’m guessing the same goes for Anthony Bryant, since he does have a backstory which is meaningful to SYTYCD. We’ve also seen a lot of D’Trix and Hok, so I think they are in the Top 20 as well. Jesus also seems like a safe choice for Top 20.

As for the girls, I am sure there are some awesome dancers in there, so we’ll have to wait for Thursday night’s show. However, I’m already sold on Danny’s leaping in the air. I just love that stuff.

Also, tonight we said goodbye to Jamal Weaver, as well as a lot of dancers they featured in the auditions last week. Can’t wait for the Top 20.

Video clip of Danny Tidwell and Anthony Bryant stuff (I accidentally deleted some footage of Anthony’s) and some interesting bits:

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