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Snoring Dog Gets Taste Of Her Own Medicine – Too Funny! (VIDEO)

Bless this Cavalier King Charles Spaniel that got pranked by her human! Based in Tel Aviv, Israel, her human Tal Solomon wakes her up with the sound of her own loud and annoying snores. Poor baby!

To be honest, I know of humans who wake themselves up by their own snoring, so this is kinda one of those moments. The look on the dog’s face is priceless!

Press play to watch the video below (via Tastefully Offensive).

Source: YouTube

Source: YouTube

Unfortunately, I do sympathize with this dog, even if the human was just goofing off. The King Charles is a short nosed dog and yes prone to snoring. But that’s not their fault. Humans bred them that way. So this is a bit of a cruel joke.

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