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Smiling Jerks Took Selfie While Two People Died Behind Them (PHOTO)

It’s called “disaster porn” and this is what our society has come to. These clueless a-holes smiled for a selfie — with a selfie stick no less! — while buildings collapsed and burned in New York City last March 26.

Nicholas Figueroa was confirmed dead and Moises Lucon is still missing (presumed dead) when a gas explosion at 121 Second Ave in the East Village leveled three buildings on Thursday. All these people could think about was their picture in the midst of tragedy.

This photo is really disgusting. But these selfie-warriors are not alone. Residents of the affected area have been complaining about tourists posing for pictures at the disaster area.

Simply heartless.

Smiling Women Took Selfie While Two People Died Behind Them (PHOTO)

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