Smash Mouth Lead Singer Steve Harwell Tried to Fight Audience for Throwing Bread At Him (VIDEO)

Fun facts about the band Smash Mouth: 1. they still perform, 2. their lead singer is named Steve Harwell, 3. he does not like having bread thrown at him.

We found all of these things out after an audience member (or members) threw bread at Harwell while the band was performing at the Taste of Fort Collins festival yesterday (June 14) and he lost it.

In response to the bread tossing, he yelled profanities at the audience  (which was full of families) and even walked into the crowd to fight someone before being talked down by several individuals.

Hey now, you’re a grown man, get the show on, get paid.

You can watch the video of him throwing a tantrum above. Language is NSFW.

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