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Simon Cowell Places ‘Sex Ban’ on The X Factor UK 2015 Contestants

Chris Rock had a hit song in 1999 with “No Sex In the Champagne Room”, and if he feels like having another hit on his hands, he could probably make an amusing song out of the latest controversy to hit The X Factor UK 2015: Simon Cowell has declared there will be no sex in The X Factor UK contestants’ house either.

Cowell has reportedly placed a “sex ban” on the contestants, prohibiting them from engaging in sexual relationships with fellow contestants during the competition.

The news was first revealed by finalist Lauren Murray, who gave details in an interview with The Sun.

“You have to stay focused in this competition and not get distracted,” she said, going on to talk about the risk of a show-mance. “There’s even been a sex ban put on the house, so that’s a no-go.”

But Lauren doesn’t seem particularly worried about the ban.

“There is no one in the house I like. I’m single but I have no time for romance,” she stated. “I’m really close to the boys, but it’s just friendship.”

Another act that doesn’t seem too concerned about the ban is Filipino girl group, 4th Impact. The girls admitted, in an interview with The Mirror, that they don’t really mess around with boys. At all.

“We have never kissed boys before. It is very strict in the Philippines, and so different to the UK. Our mum is very strict.”

So while the sex ban is in effect, it seems as though Simon has chosen the one season where sex between contestants doesn’t seem likely to be any sort of problem. Granted, I really don’t know why there’s been a ban at all, considering in-show relationships only create more headlines that help elevate the profile of the show, which has been taking a hit in the ratings. I suppose part of it is the presence of minors in the house like Louisa Johnson, and also the issue of the show becoming liable if relationships get muddy (i.e., a contestant claims he/she didn’t consent, or there’s a bad breakup that interferes with rehearsals for the show). Ultimately, this is a tough rule to enforce if two people develop feelings for one another and keep it on the DL. Granted, I doubt Simon has to worry about relationships developing on his show, although I do find it strange that a reality series would want to suppress reality, although I can’t really say I’m surprised either.

Simon Cowell Places 'Sex Ban' on The X Factor UK 2015 Contestants

Credit: Syco / ITV

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