Simon Cowell Cuts Ties With Zayn Malik

Simon Cowell has officially cut ties with Zayn Malik.

The X Factor UK judge stated that he’s essentially wiped his hands clean of Zayn in order to focus on One Direction. Despite the announcement that One Direction is going on a break, Simon is still putting all his focus on the boy band — particularly, their new album.

“I’m not in touch with Zayn. Once we’d made the decision that he was going to be on a different part of Sony, which is good for him, my responsibility was obviously the guys and their next record,” he said in an interview this week in the UK. “But Zayn is going to be fine.”

Simon Cowell Cuts Ties With Zayn Malik

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But while Simon remained optimistic about Zayn’s future, he’s far more optimistic about 1D’s new record. “The record they’ve delivered to us is honestly the best album they’ve ever made.”

So I’m guessing Simon knows something we don’t, considering the group appears to be on the way out. But what do you think? Will Zayn really be alright in his solo career? Does 1D need Simon? Does Zayn? Sound off in the comments!

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