Shooting of Salma Hayek’s Dog Ruled Justified

The shooting of Salma Hayek’s beloved Belgian Malinois Mozart was ruled justified by authorities.

The Thurston County Sheriff’s Office said that the death of the dog was justified as it was fighing with other dogs in a nearby property. The home owner of that property fired an air rifle (pellet gun) to stop the brawl. Mozart’s artery was nicked which caused him to internally bleed out. He was found dead a few hours later by a caretaker of Hayek’s property.

From NY Daily News:

“We didn’t even know we hit the dog,” neighbor Kim Lund said.

Lund, who has five dogs in addition to other animals, is still shocked about the turn of events.

“I’m still coming to terms with all of this, as you can imagine,” Lund said. “We didn’t even know we killed a dog. To find out we killed a dog that belonged to a high profile person, I’m in shock.”

“My heart is broken. I’m really sorry that the dog died,” she added.

What a tragedy!

Though it was ruled justified, authorities have submitted the case to prosecutors for further review.

Source: Instagram

Source: Instagram

Salma Hayek shared the news of her dog’s death last week on social media and hoped Washington State authorities would do justice to her dog.

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