Shia LaBeouf Arrested During Protest Live Stream (VIDEO)

Shia LeBeouf made headlines with his anti-Donald Trump protest/art installation “He Will Not Divide Us”, which involves Shia and others staring in front of a webcam and repeatedly declaring “He will not divide us”. No, seriously. It’s been running since Inauguration Day, and it’s attracted countless protesters to the webcam. However, Shia is now in the news once again after getting arrested on his own live stream.

In the video, Shia is arrested by the New York Police Department following a confrontation with a man who approached him during the protest. While it’s not known what the man said to get Shia so damn angry, we do know that the Transformers star (or Even Stevens star, depending on the age of the person you’re asking) attacked the man by pulling on his scarf and scratching his face. Minutes later, Shia was arrested by the NYPD on a misdemeanor assault charge, with a desk appearance ticket issued for a later court date. No word on how this will affect the “He Will Not Divide Us” stream, which is pledged to run through all four years of Trump’s presidency. But then, it’s hard to imagine just how Shia was going to keep this thing going that long in the first place. You can watch the video of Shia LeBeouf’s arrest below:

Shia LaBeouf Arrested During Protest Live Stream (VIDEO)

Source: YouTube

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