‘She’s All That’ is Getting a New Millennium Remake

In remakes that you didn’t ask for news, She’s All That is next to hit the reboot block.

That’s right, the 1999 film about a dorky girl who draws the attention of the popular guys by taking off her glasses and letting loose her ponytail will be rewritten for a new generation.

She's All That Remake

Credit: Miramax

Here’s hoping there’s a slow motion walking down the stairs scene!

The film will be produced by Tonya Lewis Lee (the wife of Spike Lee) and directed by Kenny Leon.

Also involved in the alleged remake will be Miramax and the Weinstein Company.

Fun fact: M. Night Shyamalan claims to have ghostwritten She’s All That.

The twist? He might have been lying. Or a real ghost might have written it.

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