Watch the First Clip from the Upcoming ‘Sherlock’ Special (VIDEO)

The next time we’ll be able to watch a brand new episode of Sherlock it will be a Sherlock special rather than a Season 4 episode and based on what we’ve seen, it’s downright Victorian.

It was revealed yesterday (July 9) that the special episode set in 19th century London will also air in select theatres around the globe.

The above clip premiered during the PBS panel at San Diego Comic-Con and doesn’t reveal much about the plot, but is full of plenty of tidbits for fans of the modern and classic Sherlock Holmes.

Teased creator Steven Moffat, “It’s still the same sense of humor, it’s still very much the show you know… but it’s in the correct era, which was unbelievably thrilling.”

No word yet on when the special will air.

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