Shelton Benjamin Not Returning to WWE After All

Recently, WWE began running promos hyping the return of former Intercontinental champion Shelton Benjamin to the Smackdown brand. However, Benjamin made the unfortunate announcement on Twitter that, due to health concerns, he won’t be returning to WWE after all.

In a multi-tweet statement, Benjamin explains how a shoulder condition, discovered through the medical screening WWE places all prospective employees through prior to signing, has become more severe than initially anticipated. While Benjamin doesn’t shut the door on a possible WWE return in the future, it seems this torn rotator cuff injury has put his career on hold, for the time being. Check out the tweets below:

Shelton Benjamin Not Be Returning to WWE After All

Source: YouTube

In my opinion, this is a blow to WWE and to the Smackdown brand. It’s a shame to lose someone as gifted as Benjamin, especially at a time where the roster is packed with guys with whom he could steal the show. At age 41, the wear and tear of the industry, and his immensely physical style, is catching up to Benjamin. So it’s hard to know if he’ll be able to come back at the level to which he’s used to working. Granted, I believe if anyone could, it’d be Shelton Benjamin.

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