Shailene Woodley to Receive Trailblazer Award at 2015 MTV Movie Awards

It’s a hell of a weekend for Shailene Woodley. Not only is she the headliner in the current No. 1 movie in America, it has now been confirmed that Woodley will be honored with the Trailblazer Award at the 2015 MTV Movie Awards.

The MTV Trailblazer Award “recognizes actors who are blazing a distinctive and innovative path for their Hollywood peers,” and while I’m not exactly sure what’s “innovative” about what Woodley does, I don’t disagree with the choice one bit. Woodley is super-talented, and she’s more than proven her worth on the big screen dating back to her “should have been Oscar nominated” turn opposite George Clooney in The Descendants.

“Shailene Woodley is one of the most talented actresses of this generation,” said MTV president Stephen Friedman. “Whether baring her soul in emotionally charged roles in The Descendants and The Fault in Our Stars or igniting our imagination in sci-fi blockbusters like Insurgent, Shailene has raised the bar for actresses navigating diverse and challenging roles professionally, while personally remaining down-to-earth and accessible to her fans.”

Woodley will be presented with the award by Miles Teller, with whom she starred in The Spectacular Now and The Divergent Series. The 23-year-old Woodley is now the second-youngest honoree, surpassing 2012 recipient Emma Stone (despite being 23 herself at the time, Stone is actually two months older than Woodley). However, 2013 honoree Emma Watson is still the youngest at just 22 years of age. As for the other end of the spectrum, 2014 recipient Channing Tatum is the oldest at 33 years of age. Of course, age statistics don’t really matter in an award that’s only had four recipients so far, but hey, I like pointless trivia.

The 2015 MTV Movie Awards will be hosted by Amy Schumer from the Nokia Theatre in Los Angeles. The ceremony will air Sunday, April 12 at 8:00 PM EST/PST on MTV.

Shailene Woodley to Receive Trailblazer Award at 2015 MTV Movie Awards

Credit: NBC

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